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LaTeXDaemon is a tool that allows you to precompile the preamble of a latex document in order to speed-up the compilation process. It runs a daemon in the background (using no cpu resource) that recompiles the document every time it is notified by windows that the .tex file or the preamble file have been modified. It also computes the MD5 digest of the file in order to avoid recompilation if no real change has been made (for instance when just the date or attributes have changed and the content of the file is unchanged). It has been tested with the Miktex 2.5 distribution.


The latest version can be downloaded Download here (zip file).

Bug report/feature request

You can report bug using the issue tracker.


Sources are hosted in a SVN repository at Google Code.

Quick documentation

Command line arguments

When you start the daemon with no parameter you access a command prompt. You can get help on the commands that are available by typing 'h' at the prompt.

To get help on the other command line arguments type:
latexdaemon.exe --help
To run the daemon using the pdflatex engine, use the following command line:
latexdaemon.exe  --ini=pdflatex

Using LatexDaemon with Latex+dvips

If your your latex document produces Postscript outputs, for instance using the pstricks package, then you may want the daemon to automatically convert the .dvi output into .ps after the .dvi file has been generated. To achieve this you need to use the following options:

latexdaemon.exe --ini=latex --afterjob=dvips

This tells the daemon to launch 'dvips' whenever the latex processing has successfully created the .dvi file. Now if you start Ghostview from the dameon prompt using the 'vs' command then the Ghostview page will be refreshed automatically when the .ps file is updated (without having to manually click on the Ghostview window).

Beamer package

Beamer is a very nice Latex package that provides a document class for generating slides. Since its source code is large it takes quite a while to compile a document which loads this package. This can easily gets annoying especially when you are working on your document and while editing you want to have a quick preview of the slides.

LatexDaemon solves this problem: the preamble being precompiled by LatexDaemon, the compilation of your slides becomes very fast! There is, however, a small incompatibility between the beamer package and the precompilation mode of LatexDaemon (at least under the Miktex 2.5 distribution) that needs to be fixed in order to make things work:

If you are producing your document with latex + dvips then you need to perform the following modification in the file pgfsys-dvips.def from the package pgf (used by beamer) located in 'C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.5\tex\generic\pgf\systemlayer'. Line number 18 of this file containing
\def\pgf@sys@postscript@object#1{\special{! #1}}
should be replaced by the following lines:
   \def\pgf@sys@postscript@object#1{\special{! #1}}
   \def\pgf@sys@postscript@object#1{\AtBeginDvi{\special{! #1}}}

If you are using pdflatex instead of latex then the pdflatex compilation will fail (due a problem with beamer/pgf). Unfortunately I do not know yet how to fix the problem.


23 Nov 2010 - Version 0.10 Build 46

11 May 2009 - Version 0.10 Build 45

2 November 2008 - Version 0.10 Build 44

23 June 2008 - Version 0.10 Build 43

18 June 2008 - Version 0.10 Build 42

8 June 2008 - Version 0.9 Build 40

13 May 2008 - Version 0.9 Build 39

17 April 2008 - Version 0.9 Build 34

21 March 2008 - Version 0.9 Build 30

14 March 2008 - Version 0.9 Build 28

30 January 2008 - Version 0.9 Build 27

8 October 2007 - Version 0.9 Build 24

3 October 2007 - Version 0.9 Build 23

29 August 2007 - Version 0.9 Build 10

6 Mar 2007 - Version 0.9 Build 7

3 Mar 2007 - Version 0.9 Build 5

2 Mar 2007 - Version 0.9 Build 3

28 feb 2007 - Version 0.9 Build 1

26 feb 2007 - Version 0.9

25 feb 2007 - Version 0.8

24 feb 2007 - Version 0.7

9 December 2006 - Version 0.6

8 December 2006 - Version 0.5

7 December 2006 - Version 0.4

29 September 2006 - Version 0.3