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Open sourcing Cracklock

Twenty-four years ago, on November, 1st 1997, I released the first version of Cracklock. While going through some old USB drives, I recently stumbled across some zip files containing its sources.

Cracklock is a software tool that helps overcome potential issues caused by the passing of time. In some ways, you can think of Cracklock as a software adaptation of the Groundhog Day movie.

Since its first release, I've often been asked to make it open source. The number 24 is closely related to the notion of time so I decided to celebrate this important anniversary by releasing the sources on GitHub.

Beware of the code quality, this is fairly ancient material written by a young self-taught inexperienced kid. Not mentioning the choice of programming language that indicates a serious lack of discernment. Rust did not exist at the time but that's no excuse: I could have picked a very decent programming language released just a year before Cracklock. To my credit, I also could have done worse by using some popular dynamically-typed language, yak! In any case, if you are interested, the sources are now available at https://github.com/blumu/cracklock. Merry Christmas!