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Research tools

Lambda calculus traversal evaluator

Implementations of lambda calculus term evaluation algorithm from the TCS paper Evaluating lambda terms with traversals.

Higher-Order Grammars visualizer and converter (HOG)

A tool for constructing structures generated by higher-order recursion schemes and collapsible pushdown automata. It is also a pedagogic tool for teaching Game semantics and the theory of traversals (cf. my DPhil thesis).

Screenshot | Brief manual | Binary | F#/OCaml sources (Requires .NET 2.0).

Size-Change Terminator

A termination analysis tool for a Core ML subset based on size-change termination. This tool was developped as part of my Master project on Termination analysis of lambda calculus and a subset of core ML. See the dissertation thesis for explanations on how to use the tool.

Download sources (OCaml) | Manual (MSc dissertation)

Omake rules for C# and F#

I have created some useful rules to compile C# and F# projects using the OMake build system. OMake rule files