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Cracklock is a unique tool designed to protect you from a particularly vicious polymorphic virus affecting an ever-growing number of shareware programs. This virus, known as the "30th day virus", typically manifests itself 30 days after the installation of your infected software and basically prevents it from starting up! Often a warning message accompanies this suspicious behaviour. Cracklock cures your programs using cutting-edge technology that are still unknown to other anti-virus vendors (McAfee, Norton, Sophos, Thunderbyte, F-Proot...).

Cracklock Screenshot

Cracklock can be used for other purposes as well, for instance developers have used it to certify their software for "Year 2000" compliance. Since then we've improved Cracklock and are now proud to announce that it can also certify your software against the Y10K bug (aka "bug of the year 10000"). Thanks to Cracklock those bugs have all become a problem of the past.

Lastly Cracklock offers a new feature to work around the "Microsoft Outlook timezone bug"!

  • Download Cracklock Latest version  (1.27MB)

64-bit support and open source

Need Cracklock for 64-bit programs? Help contribute to the crowdsourcing effort below, if the goal is reached I'll release a 64-bit version of Cracklock. All proceeds go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). Help reach the stretch goal and I'll put all Cracklock sources on GitHub for everyone to use and modify. Find more about the program at the Cracklock Beats Leukemia blog post.

Specify Cracklock Beats Leukemia as personal notes on the donation page.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Cracklock FAQ is available here.

Google Groups

For discussions about Cracklock, visit the Cracklock group.

What's new

See the change log to see the list of recent changes. The following features were introduced since version 3.9:

  • Cracklock can now be run from a flashdisk
  • It is possible to choose whether to store informations in the Windows Registry or in an INI file.
  • Cracklock still (partial translation) of the following languages: french, english, spanish, arabic, serbo croatian, hungarian, korean, german, simplified chinese and portuguese.

Help Documentation

The english documentation is available here. For other languages an older version of the documentation is available:

Contributing to the translation

The translation tool I once developped (RLGui) is now deprecated. Although it had nice features (for instance it can automatically reuse strings translated for version n of a program to generate translation for version n+1), it required me to do some postprocessing each time a translator submitted his translated strings.

From now on, if you want to make a new translation of Cracklock, use any resource editor available on the net. I recommened Resource Hacker, Resource Explorer, or even Microsoft Visual Studio. You can use those tools to edit one of the file in the 'Language' subdirectory of Cracklock (e.g. CLRESUS.DLL for the english version) then save it under another name (e.g. CLRESGE.DLL for german) in the same directory. After restarting Cracklock Manager, the newly created language will appear under the Language menu.

Download previous versions Previous versions

You can download here older versions of Cracklock.

Previous versions of Cracklock
Cracklock.3.9.44.exe16 March 2008missingCracklock 3.9.44
Cracklock.3.9.42.exe11 March 2008missingCracklock 3.9.42
Cracklock.3.9.37.exe09 March 2008missingCracklock 3.9.37
Cracklock.3.8.27.exe01 December 2007missingCracklock 3.8.27
Cracklock.3.8.26.exe16 September 2007missingCracklock 3.8.26
Cracklock.3.8.20.exe11 September 2007missingCracklock 3.8.20
Cracklock.3.8.13.exe8 August 2007missingCracklock 3.8.13
cklk389.exe2 August 2007missingCracklock 3.8.9
cklk388.exe7 November 2005missingCracklock 3.8.8
cklk387.zip16 September 2005missingCracklock 3.8.7
cklk386.zip18 July 2005missingCracklock 3.8.6
cklk385.zip8 May 2005missingCracklock 3.8.5
cklk384.zip2 August 2001missingCracklock 3.8.4
cklk383.zip11 June 2001missing Cracklock 3.8.3 Use this version if you are running Windows 95 without the Unicode service pack.
cklk382b.zip20 January 2001missing Cracklock 3.8.2 beta
cklk381.zip17 September 1999missingCracklock 3.8.1
cklk37_help.zip5 August 1999missingCracklock 3.7.1
ck36sp.zip9 April 1999missingSpanish resources for Cracklock 3.6
ck36us.zip10 April 1999missingEnglish resources for Cracklock 3.6
cklk36_help.zip3 January 1999missingCracklock 3.6
cklk35_help.zip25 December 1998missingCracklock 3.5
cklk30_help.zip9 August 1998missingCracklock 3.0
cklk23.zip18 June 1998missingCracklock 2.3
cklock11.zip11 June 1998missingCracklock 1.1