William Blum's website


Here you will find some software that I have developed.

Popular download

Cracklock Cracklock A tool to test and fix software affected by time related reliability bugs.

SumatraPDF SumatraPDF for LaTeX A custom version of the SumatraPDF viewer augmented with LaTeX features.

Note: all the LaTeX features have now been integrated in the official release of SumatraPDF.

LaTeX utilities

TexDameon LatexDaemon is a Windows program that precompiles the preamble of a Latex document, runs silently in the background and recompiles the body of the Latex document when it detects modifications in the source file.

Hanzi Unicode fonts installer for Latex consists in a scripts that helps you to install Unicode TrueType fonts for Latex.

pstring Pointing strings package for Latex is Latex package which allows you to typeset sequences with justification pointers (also called pointing strings) that commonly appears in computer science papers on Game Semantics.

Computer Graphics

OncelesGL OncelesGL An OpenGL application that can represent metaballs, simulate a FANUC robot and perform simple physics simulation (gravitation and collision detection).


pstring Domenico is a puzzle game for Windows where the goal is to arrange icons in pairs.


Other downloads Other software Sofware developed several years ago and not maintained anymore.