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Latex packages and tools

Here you will find some packages and tools that I have developed for Latex.

Pointing strings (pstring) package for Latex

A sequence typset with pstring The pstring.sty package makes it easier to typeset sequences with justification pointers (also called pointing strings) in Latex. Such sequences appears frequently in computer science papers about Game Semantics. The latest version can use either PSTricks or PGF to render the arcs that represent the links. I have written a quick documentation including examples: pstring-doc.pdf.


LaTeXDaemon screenshot LatexDaemon is a Windows program that accelerates significantly the compilation of Tex/Latex documents by precompiling their preamble. It runs silently in the background and automatically recompiles the Latex document when it detects modifications in the source file.

Unicode fonts installer for Latex

Example of chinese symbols typset with LaTeX This is a batch command file that simplifies the instllation of Unicode TrueType fonts for LaTeX.