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Cracklock FAQ

How can I load and save all Cracklock's settings including the date/time configuration of each programs that Cracklock controls?

At the moment there is no way to load or save settings directly from the Manager. However it is possible to do this manually using the Registry Editor that comes with Windows: Cracklock's settings are stored under the key HKCU\SOFTWARE\MicroBest\Cracklock.

Is it possible to use Cracklock with software XXX to reset its 30 trial or not?

That's one possible use of Craklock, but please note that using software passed their trial limits may be illegal in some countries.

I was just wondering if it would be safe to use version 3 of cracklock under vista? Or would it be better to use the latest version (3.88) under vista?

The latest version available on the website works under Vista and Windows 7.

Is the option "constant date/time" in version 3, the equivalent of the option "freeze date/time" in version 3.88?


I was going to translate the documentation also, but I'd never edited a .CHM, so if you could possibly indicate some program to do that I would be grateful to translate it and send you?

A .CHM file is made of a set of HTML files. The tool you need to create .CHM files is called "Microsoft HTML Help Workshop". You can download it for free from

Is Cracklock compatible with Windows XP?


Is Cracklock compatible with Windows 95?

Yes but since Windows 95 does not support Unicode you need to use the old Cracklock version 3.8.4.

At the end of the installation of processing program of Craclock 3.8.6 on my PC under Windows 98 SE. My PC answers "impossible to execute the file CLSHEX.DLL. Check this file to determine the cause of the problem".

You get this message if you are installing a version >= 3.8.6 on Windows 95/98/Me. From version 3.8.6 on, Cracklock relies on Unicode features provided by Windows nt/2000/xp for managing strings. Since these features are not present on Windows 95/98, you obtain an error message. You can solve the problem by Cracklock 3.8.4 instead. You can also try to instal the Unicode extension for Windows 95/98 (downloadable from Micrsoft's website). However I have not tried this and I cannot guarantee that it will work.

Some software can only be used for 60 minutes in a row. Deleting an reinstalling does not help. Can this be solved by your program?

This kind of software malfunction is nastier than the traditionnal 30th day's bug. Most of the time, softwares affected by this bug cannot be cured by Cracklock. Try using the 'Constant Date/Time'. If the time remaining is still counting down then Cracklock cannot do anything for you. It is planned to add a new feature in the next version of Cracklock in order to solve bugs of this kind.

Many applications work with databases that need to have the real clock. Is it possible to set Cracklock to alter the date in X seconds?

Not in the current version.

I want to uninstall cracklock, but when I do my application is not opening and showing an error "The application has failed to start because CLKERN.DLL was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem" How to do uninstall to make my application working normally. I did not do any back-up and no restore is available on my server.

Reinstall Cracklock, add the application to the Cracklock manager and then remove it. This will make sure that Cracklock unpatch itself from the application. You can then uninstall Cracklock and your application should continue to work.

I wanted to download an updated Cracklock software, but I found this software didn't update for years. What happened? Why arent you going on? Does this software know to deal with new software?

Crackclock was originally developped when I was a young student with plenty of spare time. I now have a full-time job and have very little time left to spend on developing and maintaining Cracklock. The current version (3.9.44) is very stable and should fits most people needs. I may release new updates in the future if I find the time but there is nothing planned for the short term.